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Wedding Catering


Likely to be the aspect that commands the lion’s share of your wedding budget, choosing the catering and indeed wedding caterers, could determine whether your reception will be as memorable as your first kiss or the one thing that flopped the most.


Once your marriage date has been confirmed, making a list of various wedding caterers has to be one of your first steps. Carefully observe their wedding menu’s and make sure that it ties in with your planned wedding theme.


It is also worth finding out whether your wedding caterer can arrange a pre-ceremony tasting of what they can offer. This will help to give you a better understanding of what to expect and even what you can place on your wedding menu.


With your list of wedding caterers and their wedding food menu ideas made, the most immediate step would be wedding catering costs. Aside from the food on offer, find out what other features the wedding caterers include in their prices such as tables, chairs, plates, silverware etc. and how does it tie in with your ultimate wedding costs.


Depending on the menu you have planned, find out which caterer can prepare a recipe close to your heart and if there are any extra costs attributed to this.


If curbing high costs are essential, don’t be hesitate in asking if your wedding caterer can eliminate some of the more expensive amenities and food options that either doesn’t conform to your wedding theme, or deemed unnecessary despite being viewed as fashionable.


Having drawn up your list and selected your preferred wedding caterer, go in PI mode and ask for some background info either online or from anyone that might have used their services before. Although they may seem competent and their food might be fresh, additional research might reveal an aspect that could result in you having a change of heart.


When your first choice of wedding caterer comes out as unacceptable and the rest of list options as not to your liking, chances are that you would take over and do some DIY catering. In effect, this would give you total control of the wedding menu and wedding catering.


Adopting this approaching can result in more pressure as the responsibility now rests on you to get everything ready on time. However, if you work carefully with your budget, taking the reins of planning your wedding could work out more cheaply than employing a wedding caterer on your behalf.




Ask the catering manager at your wedding reception for advice on your menu planning. Set a budget per head that includes drinks - then make sure you stick to it, whatever happens.

If you want a wedding reception at home, consider a marquee in the garden to add extra space. Doing your own catering will save money but it can be time-consuming.

Make sure you arrange for additional help. Get all quotes from wedding caterers in writing and ask them to specify everything included, such as cutlery, crockery and linen.