Wedding & Function
Wedding & Function

New Wedding Traditions

Announcing an Engagement
Announcing an engagement usually take the form of an announcement in your local newspaper, and a party to celebrate the momentous occasion. The parents of the bride usually place the announcement in the... Read more

The Wedding Party 
When planning your wedding party, choose your attendants carefully, and decide on bridesmaids dresses that complement the style of your wedding gown. Don't forget to consider matching shoes... Read more

Wedding Guests

Narrowing down the amount of wedding guests you have at your wedding is always tricky, and having a "reserve list" in case of cancellations, is recommended. The best way to gauge... Read more

Wedding Stationery

Wedding invitations are usually sent out six weeks before the wedding date, unless the wedding falls over... Read more

Wedding Registry List

The wedding registry list is the perfect way to get exactly what you wish for on your wedding, and you'll find that most guests are so relieved that they don't have to spend hours shopping for the ever-elusive "best wedding gift", that they are not offended by your requests. Make sure that there is a large... Read more

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