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Wedding & Function

Wedding shoes for every bride

On your wedding day, you will be on your feet most of the time, not to mention the amount of dancing you will be doing!

Here is a list of five shoe styles that we are just love at the moment.

  1. Jimmy Choo

Well of course Jimmy Choo is at the top of the list, every girl wishes she owned at least one pair of Jimmy Choo’s in her life. So why not make that ‘at least one pair’ your wedding shoes. Their strapping designs and the heels make will any woman envious of your feet. Try going for an nude colour, and play it up will frilly details and unconventional textures

  1. Ballet Flats

For the bride who prefers comfort, ballet flats are a great way to go. They offer much more comfort than heels, while still providing an elegant look. This is also a great alternative to sandals for beach weddings.

  1. Sparkles

A well-loved favourite are shoes that are all dolled up with bling and glitter. Shoes embellished with shine add a glamourous exclamation to any wedding-day look.

  1. Something Blue

Looking for “something blue” for your bridal traditions? Look no further than the soles of your feet by wearing a gorgeous pair of blue heels. Your selection of shoes doesn't have to be stuck in the past. Prints, embellishments, and textures all offer you "something new."

  1. Lace it up

Having a pair of shoes with lace embellishments adds a royal feel to your feet, lace can be worn is many varying styles. While Duchess Kate's custom McQueen pumps started the dash toward lace wedding shoes, the trend has since evolved with numerous options available.