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Wedding Photography

You've probably seen the traditional wedding photography more often than you would like to admit. It's usually a few poses of people standing up together in a group. The typical bride and groom poses are so common you could probably list them off the top of your head at this very moment.

The group picture is fine as it shows everyone all together displaying the beautiful array of style and colour of the wedding party. The best wedding photography is taken by a photographer who relates well with people in conversation. This type of photographer has a way of capturing the essence of the people. This photographer brings a relaxed energy that allows the poses to look and feel natural.

Great wedding photography captures the loving smile on the mother's face as she looks at her son in his last moments of single life. There is an intuitive sense of noticing subtle moments and capturing those moments for life.

Black and White Photography Adds a Unique Quality. Digital photography in black and white is often more valued than colour. There is a notable depth to black and white photography that leaves some imagination to the viewer. It's also a great opportunity to be taken back in time momentarily to the days when life was simpler and imagination ruled the day. Great black and white photography requires a set of unique skills to make it outstanding just as colour does.

Variety is the spice of life so the best wedding photography will include both black and white photography and colour; digital photography and film.