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Popular wedding dress designs for spring 2016

Spring 2016 is here and so are this year’s trends for the season’s wedding dresses. In a nutshell, it’s out with the winter wedding colours and in with the chic, unique styles, colour choices and designs that will make your dress the most memorable of spring 2016!


It seems that feathers are taking the lead this year, as many gowns have flaunted the popular embellishment choice for spring; be it big, black and dramatic, or soft, fluttery and delicate, on feathered skirts or just a touch on the waist-line, feathers add a touch of whimsy to any brides look.

3D floral lace appliqué

Floral appliqués have always been a popular option for a bride, but this year 3-dimentional embellishments are making gowns look much more modern. While floral patterns for spring may not exactly be new and ground-breaking, they are still a popular choice for brides during this season.

Plunging and drooping ‘V’ neckline

Plunging necklines have always been a popular look, and it looks like it’ll be a popular trend for brides just as long. The exposed skin gives the bride a sexy look either from the drooping ‘V’ or a plunge down to the waist, this look adds just the right touch of drama.


Slightly closer to the traditional wedding dress, overskirts are adored either as the sheerest layer of an A-cut tulle, or a thick-cut satin. Overskirts add versatility and the illusion of romantic layers to your dress, making for an elegant feature.

Sheer Skirts

Last year, spring sheer skirts made an appearance and have come back this year in full force - now it’s all about the see through skirt. Sheer skirts create a sort of demure effect, with ethereal designs it’s perfect to help the playful bride who wants to be a little revealing without worrying about going overboard.

Thigh-High Slits

Another way to add a revealing effect to your dress, without showing too much, is the ever popular thigh-high slit. These are a great and sophisticated way to make your dress sexy, chic and modern designs all look great with the addition of a thigh-high slit.

Bust Keyhole Necklines

For a beautiful combination of elegance and sexy, a keyhole neckline has all the elegance of a high neckline, but with the added sexiness of a plunging neckline. This trend is ruling this season, from small, traditional keyholes to long thin slits; this look is popular no matter, which style you choose to go with.

Tiered Skirts

As traditional as it gets, nothing beats a tiered skirt when it comes to walking down the aisle. From expansive layers of tulle to soft flowing organza, you will never have to worry about an identical tiered skirt. Having a tiered skirt also adds texture to your dress and a sense of whimsy.

Wave Details

Utilising different patterns and embroideries and diagonally pleated skirts can create the illusion that your dress has waves in its design. This look was very popular this season and creates a mystical look for the bride.

Illusion Bodice

For a long time, illusion necklines and backs have been a popular design choice for brides, only this season; it seems that designers have pushed the envelope even further by creating an entire illusion bodice. Sheer tops are paired with perfectly placed lace allpiqués for an ultra-sexy look that will leave any bride looking like a perfect combination of sheer elegance and sexy.

Pants Suit

For the bride, who doesn’t want the traditional dress, pants suits are always a great alternative. This season, dresses are no longer the dominant wedding attire as pants suits have exploded with popularity this spring. From a tailored tux to a boho wide-leg, pants suits are the go-to this season.


As time goes on, we see more and more brides opting for short dresses, this season. However, brides have taken it to a whole new level with mini dresses! It seems the hemlines have gotten shorter, and brides are choosing to either wear these dresses just for the reception or for the entire ceremony. Sometimes the shorter hemline brings longer sleeves for an elegant yet sexy look.

Popular wedding dress colours this spring

This year, nude, soft blush and mint are still very popular colours when it comes to your bridal gown, but it seems like darker colours are becoming more and more popular the closer spring gets; deep reds and modern gothic colours are the go-to for designers this season.