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Warming up your winter wedding

The idea of having a winter wedding can be a really beautiful, but the bride and groom will want to make sure that their guests stay hot and toasty throughout the day.

Here are some helpful ways to keep your guests warm for a day you will be sure to remember for the rest of your life.

Venue choice

When looking for a venue to host your winter wedding, keep in mind to locate places that are winter friendly. Places without lots of glass walls and windows would be preferable, places with working fireplaces and proper insulation are also definite winners and don't forget to check if the venue will be able to provide heaters for your guests. 
For wintery weddings wooden or carpeted floors instead of cement and tile will help insulate the venue, however rugs can also be used to create warmth and a unique, cosy style wedding.
Mushroom Heaters are also a great option, they are an easy and effective way to spread warmth throughout the room and the heaters are not too expensive for hire.
Should your guests wish to venture outside, try utilising fire pits - firewood is not too expensive and will add to the atmosphere.

Guest wedding favours

For winter weddings a nice fleece blanket doubles up as an excellent favour, match the colour to your theme and keep guests comfortable and warm.
Include pocket warmers for your guests in either their invitations or their wedding favours. Your guests will appreciate the extra care and attention to detail.

Food and beverages

It goes without saying that to keep your guests warm and cosy, warm food and drinks should be on the menu.
Serve hot beverages such as coffee and hot chocolate throughout the night, mulled cider or wine are also warming drinks to serve guests, who want something with a little more of a kick. A Crème Brule dessert can also keep your guests warm while keeping their taste buds tantalised and of course hearty soup starters always win for winter weddings.

Warm and happy guests will ensure that you have an unforgettable wedding and keep the festivities going all throughout the night.