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Your winter wedding tips

Given South Africa’s inviting climate over summer and in some cases even spring, it is not often that many couples choose to celebrate their special day in the cold and shivering temperatures of winter. As unusual as this might seem, winter weddings can transform from a dull sounding proposition, to a unique happily-ever-after experience.

What to do?

1. Make the weather channel your best friend

Winter weather in South Africa can become unpredictable with temperatures hovering below zero and the wind blowing one day, to sunshine and almost-summer like conditions days later. Therefore, check for weather updates around the area you have selected, and time proceedings correctly to avoid starting in beautiful conditions and ending up soaked or indeed in the dark.

2. Prepare for the “I don’ts

It is not often that guests decline an invitation, but be prepared if you plan on swopping warmth with the Arctic. Make sure that most of the festivities will be taking place indoors and that there is enough space for when the weather does turn cold. As the saying goes, “nobody likes to be left outside”. Advise them to bring suitable clothing and always start on time as things tend to become chilli at dark.

3. Keep the warmth inside

As popular as it is, celebrating your new life as Mr and Ms outside is a definite no-no. Makes sure your venue is easily accessible and well insulated for when it becomes too cold. Old churches, mostly due to the thickness of their walls, helps keep heat inside better, while some also utilise modern day heating equipment for that exact purpose. Make sure all the doors are closed and are open only when really needed. Leaving a few pillows or blankets on the church benches could also help reduce the chill when sitting down.

4. Colouring in

Winters don’t need to be dull and grey. Choosing a bright colour, without being garish, can result in a lifting of the mood and even your surroundings. Opt for a red or blue instead of the usual white and risk blending into the background.

5. Hot stuff

Probably the most crucial, make sure your selection of food is well… of the hot kind. Soups are always a winner when it comes to the appetiser. Make sure you have a number of food heaters available to keep things toasty and while your guests wait, offer them the usual selection of hot beverages.

6. Dress to impress and stay warm

Winter and stylish don’t often go together but, as the bride, liven things up with accessories such a faux fur coats, smart boots or even some glitter. Make sure you wear something thick underneath your dress that won’t be uncomfortable, and remember to include your bridesmaids as well. Have some umbrellas close by in case of rain and don’t forget the gloves. For the men opt for an outfit made from a thick material that looks smart and will keep them warm. Crucially, always keep a type of lip moisturiser close by as cold temps could lead to them cracking.