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Wedding registry tips

Moving into your house for the first time as a married couple is likely to be an experience that you will remember as much as that first kiss before the alter. Making this even more special, is the fact that you had signed a wedding registry, which helps in making life as a pair that little bit easier.

In short, a wedding registry is as a type of service provided by retail store or website which informs wedding guests as to the kind of gifts to get for a newly engaged couple. This effectively lessons the burden of spending even more money post-wedding on essential items such as a cutlery, microwave, pots and pans etc.

To ensure that you’re happily ever after doesn’t only extend till the front door of your house, keep the following wedding registry tips in mind

Being early pays

Sign up at a reputable store or website at least six months before the big day. This will help your guests in choosing your ideal gift. Although there is no limit as to how many stores you can register too, signing up to more than three can become somewhat confusing.

You are no longer single

As you will be married soon, it is advisable that you register together and be part of the actual process. Depending on your preferences, assign specific categories to each other; the groom deals with electronics and the bride with bedding or linen.

Something special

When selecting your store of choice, be on the lookout for promotions such as gift cards or gift wrapping

Gift number

Once registered, it is important to specify how many gifts you need from your guests. Make sure that the pricing is reasonable with only a few expensive items thrown which helps balance things out.

What to get?

Go over the wedding registry checklist for the items you need, but do it in such a way that it reflects who you are. For a start, concentrate on items such as cutlery, dishes, towels, pots and pans, Tupperware etc. Luxuries such as a dish washer, entertainment system and satellite television comes later.

It is also advisable to keep up to date with your wedding registry checklist by ticking off the items purchased, thus helping you to keep track of your bank balance.

Begging is not applicable

Whether it be for your household needs or honeymoon wedding, don’t ask directly for money.

Can you spell that?

Whilst keeping track of your checklist, double check the wedding registry wording to make sure that you get the item you wanted. In the same breath, carefully look at your honeymoon registry and make your selection.

Extra input

If you get stuck or need an additional set of hands, get in touch with yours as well as your future spouse’s mother to assist and help with the essential mind. However, although they can lend their input, the last word say is up to you.

Read all about it!

Thanks to the advent of social media, you can put the wedding registry info onto your Facebook or web page. This will help spread the word to your friends and guests.

The magic word

Once you have received your gifts, acknowledge this by either telephoning or emailing the sender.