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Wedding Invitations

Arguably one of the most crucial aspects of your wedding is the making and handing out of wedding invitations as this provides the information your guests needs to know about your wedding.
In addition to this, your invitation needs to be one of the first things to fall under consideration as it could take time to decide on what style you prefer, if there should be a unique wording, font, and most importantly, how you go about choosing the info to include.

To help you get it right the first time, we have put together the below tips


If you are planning a theme-based wedding, keep an open head and try not to go overboard as your invitations needs to tie in with your theme. It is also important that you select the colours that will best suit your theme, as this will give your guests a taster of what could be expected.

The look

Having established your theme of choice, the next step is the actual design of your invitation. As was the case of the colour relating to your theme, make sure that your wedding invitations feature a sophisticated yet elegant look with hues which ties in with your theme, but not ones that could viewed as dull and boring.

An important factor in the design is the envelope in which your wedding invitation is to be presented. It is an often overlooked point and needs to exhibit the same clean and elegant look as the actual invite.

If you plan on skipping the envelope, don’t be sacred in trying different shapes such as a wheel, Chinese fan or square cut for your wedding invitation. Depending on your preference, add-ons such as crystals, ribbons or any personal accessory could signify in which direction your wedding is likely to go.

How to put it into words

Another area where you could express yourself is in your wedding invitation’s wording. First though, you would have to decide on how to word your wedding invitations and whether it will be in a formal or traditional wedding wording style.

Once you have selected the style of wording, opt for unique wedding invitation font that will not only look good, but that is also easy to read. To add a personal touch, you could also add some special wedding wording in your text or to the invitation title. Do be advised though that it is paramount to have all your details on the invite and that it must not look cluttered or hard to read. Crucially, check your spelling before making it final.

The clock is ticking

As is the case with most things in life, time doesn’t stand still which why you must make use of every second when comes to finalising your wedding invitations. Give yourself at least seven to eight months before the wedding to start putting your invitations together. This is not a task that can be completed in a few weeks and at the speed of sound, so take your time and don’t slip behind schedule.

In addition, when you have decided upon a date, give your guests enough time to RSVP back, and if you are to travel, send out you invitations at least five to six months in advance.

Forking out the green

Of course, wanting nothing but the best is your top priority, however, watch your costs. Printing costs can become especially expensive which means that you have to get everything right first time. Make sure that your invitations are what your want, the invitation wording is free from spelling or grammar errors, and that your choice of printing firm has a reputable reputation.