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How to choose wedding flowers

Flowers brighten any wedding, bringing color and personality and transforming the entire event.

With so many types of flowers out there it is difficult to know where to start when choosing your wedding flowers.

Always go according to your personal taste and of course your color scheme. It is also very important to find out whether the flowers that you want to use in your wedding are available and in season. 

You can also choose wedding flowers that have special meanings, like a white rose symbolizes purity and young love and peonies signify good fortune and a happy marriage which is perfect for a wedding.

The options out there are endless and we have compiled a short guide to help you with your decision.

Seasonal Wedding flowers

Winter wedding flowers   

  • Asiatic Lily
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Gladiolus
  • Amaryllis

  Spring wedding flowers

  • Daffodil
  • Tulip
  • Bluebel
  • Jasmine
  • Forget-me-not

Fall wedding flowers

  • Tulip
  • Iris
  • Dahlia
  • Marigold
  • Camellia

  Wedding flowers that are available all year round

  • Phalaenopsis orchid
  • Carnation
  • Freesia
  • Singapore orchid
  • Lily

Wedding roses are popular and available all year round at a reasonable price.  It is also very popular to use succulents and these too are available all year round. After the wedding you can always replant the succulents and they will continue to grow, to always be a reminder of your special day. 

Wedding flowers to consider

Flowers as hair accessories

Flower crowns and adding flowers as hair accessories is quite popular and can add a little color to the bride’s dress. Flowers can be incorporated into most styles and are a  great alternative to the traditional veil.

The bridal bouquet

You should choose your wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dresses before choosing your flowers. Make sure that your flowers complement the colour of the dresses and don't clash. For more about bouquets styles, click here.

The bridesmaid’s bouquet

The bridesmaid’s bouquet can be a smaller version of your bouquet, or it can be changed slightly so that it won’t look exactly the same as yours. 

The groom’s boutonniere

These can add a little color to the tux which will tie into the rest of the wedding. 

The corsages

Both the mother of the bride as well as the mother of the groom traditionally wear a corsage, find out their dress colours and match the flower corsages with the dresses.

Flower for the wedding cake

Remember to choose blooms that can safely be used around food, you can also use hidden plastic picks to hold the blooms so that you don't have to insert the stems into the cake.

Wedding centerpieces

Flowers are incredibly popular as centerpieces on the dining tables, with so many centerpiece ideas around be sure to talk to your florist about exactly what you want. Having a trial table set up is always a good idea so that you can tweak anything if necessary. 

Average cost of wedding flowers

Wedding's can be quite costly, with flowers generally contributing about 7% of the whole wedding budget. You will need to consider flowers for the church, the reception, the bouquet's as well as other elements mentioned above.

Always remember to work with your florist and your budget to find the best fit. Don't be shy to suplement centerpieces with candles, have simple bouquts and have less flowers at the church.

There are many wasys to save on your flowers and always ask your florist for reccomendations of similar flowers should your favourites be unavailable or above your budget.