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Choosing a Wedding date

Choosing a date on which your special day will take place is definitely one of most important parts of wedding planning. After all, before you can send out those carefully planned and well-designed invitations, you as a couple would need to have decided on a date.

Here are some common factors which need to be considered when deciding on a wedding date.

When is peak-season for weddings in South Africa?

Summer and spring are said to be the peak-seasons for weddings in South Africa. Knowing this can already start assisting you – as will be seen further on – in selecting a date for your special day.


What type of wedding would you like? What is your desired location or setting? When answering these questions, keep in mind the season in which that location or style will best suit your dream wedding.

Winter weddings are seen as colder months with shorter days, while summer and spring months have traditionally been the preferred times. However, there are many venues which cater for cold weather with hot chocolate and large fire-places creating a cosy atmosphere.


Budgeting is of utmost importance, not only for you as a married couple, but also your wedding. Therefore, why not practice this vital skill early on and ensure that your wedding plans fall within a realistic budget.

Generally speaking, peak-season weddings are more expensive than off-peak season weddings.

Significant dates

The significance of a wedding date – such as when you first met – can attach beautiful meaning to your special day. However, other “significant” dates such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day or New Years can overshadow your anniversary day.


It is important to ensure that you as a couple, as well as your most important guests, will be able to take time off to attend your wedding. Therefore, go through your schedules as well as those of your VIP guests in order to determine what date would be the best. This may involve compromises, but it stands to reason that you would definitely want to have your loved ones present at your wedding.

Remember that, generally speaking, December and April (Easter) holidays will most likely be the most convenient times for weddings as guests can travel to weddings without work hassles. Also, there should be no leave-issues for honeymoons.


If you are adamant on marrying at a specific venue, then you as a couple will need to give yourselves adequate time, before the wedding, in order to make a booking. This is to ensure that all other factors, such as schedules, will coincide with an opening at the desired location.

Popular wedding venues can easily have a waiting list of over a year, especially for peak-season weddings. Therefore, it is important to book in advance.

However, it is worth noting that wedding venues, even popular ones, tend to have fewer bookings during off-peak seasons – and often with an off-peak discount. Therefore, if all other factors are favourable, this might be up for consideration.

As with venues, the same general rule of availability applies to florists, photographers and suppliers.


Plan your honeymoon in advance. It is important to do some research into the weather patterns of your desired honeymoon destination before booking anything. 

It is also important to keep in mind that peak travelling is in December and January. If your intended honeymoon falls outside of holiday seasons, then remember to ensure that – as was seen in the schedule section – your schedules can accommodate your intended honeymoon period.