Wedding & Function
Wedding & Function

Capture the Moment

Having a professional wedding photographer for your wedding will make all the difference to your future memories. Be sure to make a booking well in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

Always view their wedding portfolio before you commit and be sure to meet with the person who will be taking the pictures. Being comfortable with your wedding photographer will also help you to relax and have fun and this will come across in your wedding photos.

Don't be governed solely by price - choose according to the style of coverage that appeals to you. Ask questions about your shoot so that you are both clear on what is expected and what the plans are if the weather turns bad. Be open to suggestions but don't do anything you are uncomfortable with.

On the day, ask your Bridesmaids to check your hair & make-up during the photo session whilst the Groomsmen round up the family for group photographs according to your requirements.

Above all, enjoy every moment of your wedding day and be sure that you have a great time at your reception.