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Wedding Invitation Wording

There are many choices out there when it comes to the wedding invitation wording. The wedding invite wording can be traditional and formal or casual. This all depends on how you want to portray the theme of the wedding.

For a formal invite there are certain rules of etiquette that can be observed when composing your invitations; these include

  • Writing out names in full, including middle names.
  • Omiting a middle name if necessary, rather than using an initial.
  • Spelling out of all words, including the hour, the date and the year. Spell out all words in the address, including Street, Road and Avenue.
  • Two exceptions to this rule in an address are Saint (St.) and Mount (Mt.)Use Roman numerals in names, rather than "the third" or "3rd."

Comprehensive guide to wording a formal wedding invite

First you will have the Host line, then the request line, then the bride and groom line, date and time line, location line, the reception line and then the RSVP line.

Every formal wedding invitation should have all these lines; however they can be rearranged and reworded to your liking. All wording should be written in the third person.

1 - The Host Line

The host line is the trickiest part of the wedding invitation wording. This is traditionally the bride’s parents who would pay for most if not all of the wedding. However the host line can be both sets of parents, the groom’s parents or just the bride and groom. The choice is up to you.

If the bride’s parents are hosting the format can look something like this.
  If the groom’s parents are hosting then the parents names should be in the host line.
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Clarke
Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage of their daughter
Joanne Clarke
Fred Jones
  Mr. and Mrs. Barry Jones
Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage of
Joanne Clarke
To their son
Fred Jones

If both sets of parents are hosting, then both sets of parents’ names will be added to the host line.


This is the correct way of wording if the bride and groom are hosting the event.

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Jones
Request the honor of your presence
In the marriage of their children
Joanne Clarke
Fred Jones
  Miss Joanne Clarke
Mr. Fred Jones
Request the honor of your presence
At their marriage


There are many different options for the host line; you could have an aunt and uncle that are hosting, or brother and his wife. The wording will have to change a little to suit your invitation needs.

2 - Request Line
Then you will have the request line, this can be done in different ways depending on the wedding ceremony. 

1.   Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage of their daughter…
  2.     Request the pleasure of your company
At the marriage of their daughter…


  • The first example of the request line and using the wording “Request the honor of your presence”, you will only use this wording if the ceremony is held at a place of worship.
  •  The second example of the request line and the use of the wording “Request the pleasure of your company” will be used if the ceremony is held in any other location.

3 - The Bride and Groom line
The next part of the invitation will be to name the honoree, the Bride and Groom. The Bride’s name will always come before the Groom’s name. There has to be a line separating the bride’s name, the “to” or “and” and then the groom’s name.

4 - The Date Line
This is where you will specify when the wedding is, this part of the invitation, the day and date of the ceremony should be spelled out.

5 - The Time Line
This part will be where you tell your guests what time the ceremony will start. The time needs to be spelled out as well.

6 - The Location Line
Here you will put the location and the address of your ceremony. If your wedding ceremony is in a church then you can just name the church. However, if your wedding is taking place at a friend’s house then you can add the address.

7 - The Reception Line
Here you can say “Reception to follow” if the reception will be on the same premises as your wedding ceremony. However, if your wedding reception is in a different location then you have to have a separate wedding reception invitation.

1 - Mr. and Mrs. Barry Jones
2 - Request the honor of your presence
In the marriage of
3- Joanne Clarke
To their son
Fred Jones
4 - Saturday, The eighth of July
5 - At six o’clock in the evening
6 - Grace Cathedral
7 - Reception to follow 

Reception Invitation Wording
A reception invitation only needs to have the most important information which involves your wedding reception. The most important parts here would be the Time, Day and Address. Here is an example;

He slipped the ring on her finger
a promise made for life . . .
Join us as we share their joy
now that they're man and wife!
A party to honor the newly married
will be held on Day
at Time