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Wedding Dress and Shoes

In order to decide what type of dress and wedding shoes to purchase, you first need a general picture of the rest of the wedding. The setting of your wedding will influence your choices, whether it's outside, in a church, or in a destination location like Hawaii. The level of formality of your wedding will also influence your dress choices.Let's look at a few possible examples.

Beach weddings, particularly in exotic locations, are becoming more popular these days. These weddings are usually small and informal. For a beach wedding, a dress that's not too elaborate works best. If you choose a dress made of a light fabric such as chiffon or even something as informal as a thin linen, your dress will float in the ocean breeze and add grace to your wedding pictures. For beach wedding shoes, you can choose low-heeled sandals or sparkly crystal-studded flip-flops. Some brides choose to go barefoot for at least part of a beach wedding.

If you marry in a church, you have a wide variety of more traditional dress options. But you should still consider the overall formality level of your wedding. If you have an afternoon ceremony in a church followed by a reception on the lawn, you might choose a less formal dress than if you are marrying during an evening candlelight ceremony followed by a formal dinner. For instance, for the afternoon wedding, you might wear a strapless sheath dress with simple, classic lines and a short train.

For an evening wedding, you might choose a dress with a longer train, perhaps with a beaded bodice and a longer veil. Wedding shoes for these types of weddings will also be different; you'll want a higher heel and more elaborate shoe design. However, you shouldn't choose a heel that's much higher than what you would wear in everyday life; you don't want to risk a misstep, and you do want to have fun dancing the night away in your fabulous wedding shoes. For whatever kind of wedding you're having, you're sure to find a dress that suits your style and personality