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Wedding & Function

Shopping for bridesmaids dresses

With the Big Day on the horizon, you probably already have your wedding dress and it is now time that you find what the bridesmaids will wear. You may want to consider these few helpful tips.

Look at your own wedding dress

Take a look at your own wedding dress and also consider your overall wedding style. Is it classic, modern, or maybe vintage? Your bridesmaids’ dresses should be able fit the vibe at your wedding.

Think about colour

You should also think about the colour theme at your wedding. If you’ve got a range of fair, olive, and dark skin tones, make sure the dress color flatters all. Keep hair color in mind, too, if you’re choosing something unique that could clash with a redhead, for example. A two-colour palette is also advisable.

Consider the season

It is also advisable to consider the season and time of day the wedding will take place. The date of the wedding is probably a big factor in your decor, but the time of day matters, too. Black dresses could be perfect for winter but a little forced for an outdoor, mid-day ceremony.

Be flexible

It is your wedding but be flexible. Most bridesmaids would like to have some input on what they're wearing, but too many opinions can make the whole process miserable. Look for brands that offer similar dresses with different necklines, for example. You can pick the color and fabric; each girl can decide on the style most flattering for her body type.

It’s your day

Lastly remember, that it’s your day and do not be tempted to try and make everyone happy – it will only place too much pressure on you. Keep an open mind and be understanding, but your bridesmaids are there to support you and should (ideally) work with your vision.