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The bridal beauty arsenal: Products a bride should never be without

Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day - and some will go through crazy and long morning beauty regimens to make sure they do.

But you actually don’t need a long list of products to get the perfect look. Here is a list of beauty products that are essential for a bride-to-be to have that can work wonders on your wedding-ready skin.

  1. Photo-finish primer

The perfect item to get you looking photo-fabulous, primer erases pores, blurs fine lines and sticks to make-up like there’s no tomorrow. You will find no blemish in any of your wedding photos with this little miracle at hand.

  1. A complexion enhancing product

This could be something like, foundation, BB-cream, or even tinted moisturiser, whichever you prefer. This item is there to perfect the canvas that is your complexion before the rest of your make-up is applied for your desired look.

  1. Some dreamy blush

Every bride can reap the benefits from a lovely blush on their cheeks. The key look is to be a beautiful, blushing bride after all. Choose the colour that really brings out your complexion and emphasises your natural beauty.

  1. A wand of black mascara

When it comes to mascara, black is the way to go if you want to get the job done. It will really make your eyes pop no matter your eye-colour, and can add length and volume to your lashes for a more enchanting look,

  1. The scent of flowers

While perfume doesn’t technically count as make-up, it is still a beauty product that every bride should have. Enjoy the scent of flowers as you go through your day, and the sweet smell will leave all the ladies wanting a spritz as well.