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Top Wedding themes for 2017

Make sure you are on top of all the latest trends when it comes to your wedding. With the new year fast approaching, so are new trends. Here is a list of the top wedding themes trends that are chic, fresh and brilliantly inspired.

  • Greenery

This trend was a really hot theme in 2016, so hot in fact that it continues to remain so into 2017. This theme focuses on adding green foliage and colour themes to your wedding, adding a naturally elegant touch to your celebration.

  • Garden

A garden themed wedding ceremony also has a sense of green floral that will add a touch of elegance and nature to your big day. This is perfect for summer weddings as well, as the summer sun is best enjoyed while sitting outside in a lush natural environment.

  • Barn

While choosing a barn for a wedding venue is nothing new, it is still one of the more popular venue choices of the year, filled with wooden stump, lanterns, and nature-inspired decor. With its own brand of rustic charm and simple elegance, a barn venue is a great place for a tasteful ceremony and a fun reception afterwards.

  • Vintage

Having a classic theme and going full on vintage is a trend that will probably never disappear - as some brides get bored of the new and believe that past trends are stylish and perfect. From décor to bridesmaid dress designs, vintage is a great theme for any bride.

  • Boho

For brides, who like to have a more casual event, a boho themed wedding will be a great choice. This theme can be chic in its own way, you can have your bridesmaids in casual dresses and barefoot, and your cake can be a huge confection of sweets and cupcakes.

  • Forest

As far as outdoor weddings go, having yours in a whimsical forest is a popular choice. When beautifully decorated you’ll feel like a fairy princess during your ceremony. The landscape will also give you a great backdrop for your wedding photos.

  • Tropical

For a theme that will make you feel like you’re on the beaches of Hawaii or Mauritius, a tropical wedding theme is the best way to go. You don’t necessarily have to be on a beach to have a tropical theme; you can opt for tropical flowers in your bouquet and décor, serve Pina coladas as drinks for your guests and have a few palm fronds in your décor.