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Some of the trending wedding hairstyles for 2018

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One of the many stresses a bride has when planning a wedding is her own look. She has to worry about what dress to wear, what shoes to buy and where to get her hair and make-up done. The hairstyle of the bride can be a challenge because, depending on length, there is so much you can do with hair alone!

You want to pick something on trend, but also want to make sure the look is timeless so that looking back on wedding photographs in the distant future does not make you cringe!

The main trend of 2018 is natural bridal look. It’s time to give up high and hairstyles in favour of soft curls and romantic braids. Incredibly popular are flower crowns that help to create romantic and tender look. In the new wedding season, the traditional veil is replaced by elegant veils, graceful hats and weightless lace that adorns the hairstyle.

To make this process easier, Wedding & Function has created a list of the top trending wedding hairstyles for 2018:

Graceful Braids

Plaits are totally timeless when it comes to hair, and can be styled in a number of ways for your big day. There are a ridiculous number of braids and plait designs you can choose from to suit your style, from the Amazon, to the rope to the Dutch braid, you can guarantee a unique braid for your wedding.

Accessorise Right

Sometimes the only thing you need to have a killer hairdo is simply the perfect accessory. Hair grips and burets with lace or crystals may be simple, but if placed on just the right spot and with your hair flowing just the right way, it could serve as the perfect centrepiece to your perfect look.

Flowing Flower Crown

Definitely one of the most popular trends for hair, flower crowns and accessories are perfect if you are looking for a softer feel for your look. You can work the flowers into your hair to give off a fairy tale look. Pick anything from real flowers to a flower design accessory for your look.

Put it in a Bun

The bun hairstyle has been in wedding trends since forever, and is still a signature look today. Try different fun and creative styles instead of going for a generic bun though. Try the plait bun for a dreamy look, you could keep it classic with a ballerina bun or try out the polished side bun for a natural beauty look.

Opt for an Up-Do

There is so much you can do with a simple up-do hairstyle these days. High or low, braided or in a bun, try out the best option that suits your style. This style can give off a look of elegance or even laid-back if you wish.

The Buzz Cut

Only for the most daring and edgy of brides, the buzz cut hairstyle is a new entry onto trending hairstyles. This look is a staple in showing that a bride can look gorgeous no matter how short her hair is. You will surely rock this cool-girl style with confidence as you walk down the aisle.