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Setting wedding dress trends - a short history about the white wedding dress

Setting wedding dress trends - a short history about the white wedding dress reviews_87_7469.jpg

Planning a wedding is not easy and we understand that every bride wants everything to be perfect, every colour to match, flowers to smell amazing, and the food to taste divine. The reason for the stress could be because you want people to talk about your big day for decade’s right?

Well, the only way to achieve that is to set a trend that will get people talking. In that respect, did you know that a white wedding dress is only about 178 years old?

Yes, wedding dresses were not always white, although wedding ceremonies have existed for centuries, but according to, wedding dresses were not always white

In fact, most wedding dresses were blue, but let’s discuss that in the next article.

However, just about 178 years ago, Queen Victoria decided to wear a white dress at her wedding, not because it was a norm or tradition, not because she was pure or she was following a certain trend, but because she simple liked white.

Ever since that day when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840 in a white gown, the trend was sparked and became a tradition worldwide.

I guess Queen Victoria was a trend-setter because, even today, many believe that a wedding is not a wedding until there is a white wedding dress.

You see! You don’t have to follow the trend that was set over a century ago, you can start your own trend and many are already doing it.

There are various beautiful wedding dresses to choose from, even if they are not white, I mean why follow a trend when you can be a trend setter.

Whether you get married in a white dress or orange it shouldn’t really matter, the magical moment is when you say I do to your prince charming.

Thanks to Pinterest for the following stylish wedding dresses you can choose from.