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Massage Therapy at Talloula

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On a recent visit for a full body massage at Talloula spa I  was welcomed by two lovely ladies, Talent and Mpume. They led me through the garden  to the spa and once I was changed into a warm fluffy gown I sat on the veranda soaking my feet in warm rose petal water. 

It was a perfect autumn day which combined with the peace of the garden, set a resful tone for this treat.  I asked for a gentle pressure massage and that’s exactly what I got.  I will go so far as to say that it is the best massage I have ever had!

Special touches were the hot water bottle warming my feet during the massage and the fresh rose in a bowl on the floor below the massage table. This was a pretty sight as my back was massaged.  I found the therapists very professional, efficient and considerate and although the treatment lasted 75 minutes, it was over all too soon. 

Thank you so much Talloula
By: Pat Lund
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