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New Life, New Wife , Need Life?

The exciting run up to the wedding has come and gone. Presents unpacked and returned to stores. Honeymoon done and dusted.

 Life has gone back to the pace it operated at prior. It’s the honeymoon period, isn’t it?

 Life prior to marital bliss often means lesser financial commitments and accommodation of matters of a leisurely kind. You are young and have glory days ahead, setting up home, travelling and starting families. Rarely is the marital union seen as a merger of our financial lives as well.

 It brings the extra financial commitment of rent/bond for a bigger place, more groceries and the list goes on. Life being what it is sometimes throws us curve balls in the form of illness, accidents and death. Are you adequately prepared financially to tackle these? Are you able to honour your debt, household expenses and other combined financial commitments if something happened to your partner. How can you safe guard yourself to combat a situation? Do you have savings, sufficient life, dread or disability cover?

 Let’s have a conversation about how we can plan for these events and other the exciting things marriage brings you. And yes, there are loads of those awaiting you.

  Nirvashni Rajkumar