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Tough Metal for a Tough Guy

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Tungsten carbide is the new, most popular metal today for a man’s wedding ring. The heavy weight and luxurious finish of a tungsten carbide ring speak of commitment, strength and an everlasting bond. The metal will always maintain its beautiful, scratch-resistant and flawless finish, making them the perfect choice for your future spouses’ wedding ring.

Tungsten is one of the safest metals on the market and with its unique comfort-fit design, they are not only comfortable to wear, the comfort fit acts as a cushion which helps the ring grip onto your finger. Our hand-picked selection of rings includes black-plating, ceramic and carbon fibre inlays that are fused into the metal, giving you a unique variety of tungsten rings to choose from.

Our exclusive range of rings are modern, bold and above all, strong! They meet all the needs for today’s man.