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tailor made treatments

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"Healthy hair, skin and nails can make you look – and feel – your very best. This is never truer than on your Wedding day. These things can be the difference between feeling fabulous and just normal. Most woman don't realise the importance of starting to plan ahead when it comes to the perfect locks, skin and nails.

All three these things are excellent indicators of overall health, so chances are that when your nails, hair and skin are looking healthy, your internal health also benefits.

Likewise, internal health problems can result in dull skin, brittle nails or damaged, dry hair – and many people turn to mainstream cosmetics to help counter these symptoms, rather than treating their root cause.

Simple diet and lifestyle changes can help you keep your hair, skin and nails looking great all year-round. By paying attention to your body, you may be able to identify ways to boost your immune system – and your appearance – in a natural way.

If you would like a tailor made treatment plan or some honest and longstanding advice please feel free to contact us at Body Renewal Clinic to set up a non-obligatory complementary consultation."

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