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Creates unforgettable wedding dinner experiences with 3 Fat Fish

Creates unforgettable wedding dinner experiences with 3 Fat Fish  reviews_40_5412.jpg

Besides the bride and groom, most people will usually only remember the wedding dinner - which is why you need to create an unforgettable experience. Fortunatley, that is where 3 Fat Fish Group of Companies - Catering services have built a reputation for excellence!


Thus, for a recent event, 3 Fat Fish, with their excellent service record and famed culinary talents, were a natural choice.


We were delighted when, Emmy-Lou, the owner, confirmed availability for our party on a short notice. Still, while one’s familiarity with a prospect’s tastes is helpful in creating a good first impression, we had no idea of our guests’ palates.


Amazingly, 3 Fat Fish, perhaps owing to many years in the local catering space, brought in their selection of delicious sweet and savoury treats, which catered to everyone’s individual tastes.


For starters, we were served roasted butternut soup or seafood bisque both of which were paired with artisan ciabatta.


We later made our way into a buffet area where 3 Fat Fish had a variety of tasty finger treats. The food, all handmade and well-presented, included bite-sized caprese salads made with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto topped with parmesan shavings. My favourite were the perfectly-cooked Beef Wellingtons - the meat was oh so tender.


Many also returned to the buffet table for a seconds and even a thirds. From the conversation and our guests’ nods, I knew they had been as impressed by 3 Fat Fish as I was.


3 Fat Fish later brought out a dessert of short crust pastry tartlets filled with a vanilla crème brulee which vanished off the table in 3 seconds! Their Lindt chocolate-ganache which was served with a red berry coulis, was divine.


As a finale, 3 Fat Fish served a selection of imported and local cheese, with red-onion marmalade, preserved green figs and artisan bread. Emmy-Lou and her catering team deserve a 5-Star rating.


3 Fat Fish catering is highly recommended to anyone organising the perfect business event. Call them on: 042 293 4147 or email: For their website, visit