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5 Brilliant Reasons to celebrate your wedding with Champagne!

5 Brilliant Reasons to celebrate your wedding with Champagne! reviews_34_5482.jpg
5 Brilliant Reasons to celebrate your wedding with Champagne! reviews_34_5483.jpg
5 Brilliant Reasons to celebrate your wedding with Champagne! reviews_34_5484.jpg
5 Brilliant Reasons to celebrate your wedding with Champagne! reviews_34_4867.jpg

He’s got the ring, he’s popped the question and you’ve said “Yes!” Now what?


For many future Brides and Grooms, the thought of planning a wedding is daunting.  After all the fuss and ado over countless congratulations and copious amounts of bubbly to honour your engagement, reality sets in and the deep sea nuptial navigation begins…   


Sadly, along this journey is where most couples find themselves secretly combing through scores of destination wedding offers, each individually pinned to the centrespread of the local travel guide, in a desperate attempt to find the most secluded, un-opinionated, in-law-free beach they can find… just to say those two important words… “I do”…    


Fear not future Mr & Mrs!  What you need is honest, down to earth and sincere expert wedding advice…  And here’s 5 brilliant reasons we highly recommend you choose Champagne Events & Function Venue to give you all of this, and more for your Big Day! 


1.     We understand the meaning of “Celebration”

There’s a reason why we’re called Champagne!  We’re known for our festivity and the popping of corks and no exuberant occasion should be without us!   Put simply, we’re just so excited to share the excitement and when you book with us, you will enjoy true Champagne hospitality - from the moment you meet us, till the very moment you walk down the aisle.


2.     We’re established

With over 13 years event planning under our belts, we are known for our world class service, quality and style in all that we do.  This is why we are one of the most sound and stable event management companies in the Eastern Cape, and it goes without saying that our venue boasts the same distinction and high service excellence that we have become recognised for.

3.     We offer absolute value for money

Our all-inclusive wedding packages speak for themselves.  As one very happy bride had to say, “Our journey with Champagne went way past our wedding day.  It ran into a honeymoon we could afford!”


4.     We’re innovative

We are constantly looking at ways to improve and stay abreast of global trends and platforms.  For this very reason, no wedding recipe is ever the same and we pride ourselves on assisting with a personal, creative, comprehensive and exclusive wedding plan, matched beautifully to our clients’ theme! 


5.     You’re spoilt for choice

By working with the natural environment on the property, we’ve developed three individual areas for your wedding ceremony and two funky garden corners where guests can mingle under the trees and enjoy our delectable tapas and yummy cocktails.  We’ve also modernised the reception room and we’re constantly introducing new and neutral décor items to our collection, which are part and parcel of our fabulous wedding packages. 


Champagne equals Celebration and that is exactly what you will encounter at our beautiful venue.   In the words of the great David Copperfield himself, “the real secret of magic lies in the performance,” and it is our every intention to ensure that your experience at Champagne Events & Function Venue is just that… magical!


Come and see for yourselves…