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Maya Lee Photography: Wedding photographer tips for the bride!

Maya Lee Photography: Wedding photographer tips for the bride! reviews_26_4202.jpg

Besides your spouse, choosing your wedding photographer can be the most important decision you can ever make for your wedding day! When the wedding cake is finished and the dress is put away… it’s the wedding photos and the small details captured there in that will help you to remember this great occasion!


Important wedding photography tips for the bride


Decide on what kind of wedding photography style appeals to you - do you like it natural, posed, with props or contemporary? Don’t expect the wedding photographer to change their style to suit yours.


Still, since you will be spending most of your wedding day with your photographer, it is important that you hire a wedding photographer that you will enjoy working with. Meet with your photographer before the wedding and get to know each other…


Have a contract with your wedding photographer - it is there to protect both of you.


Consult with your photographer regarding the schedule of the wedding day to ensure that you will have optimal light for the best pictures. Your bridal dressing room should also be spacious, neat and with good light for those special wedding photos of the bride getting ready for her big day. 




Family photos are usually taken after the wedding ceremony and there is no time to waste! Consult with your Master of Ceremonies to gather the family for the shoot. He should also have a list on hand of all the important family photos to be taken. This will make it so much easier for your photographer as they don’t know every cousin, uncle and aunt!


Inform your hairdresser and make-up artist of the time that you need to be ready for the wedding photographer so that there is no unnecessary pressure on everyone.


Remember to tell your wedding photographer if there is going to be any special rite happening at your wedding, like releasing doves or maybe a doggie handing over the rings. Your photographer needs to be informed in order to make sure that these special moments are captured!



The couple’s wedding photoshoot


The couple’s photoshoot is the most important photo opportunity of the day! If your groomsmen and bridesmaids are joining you on the wedding photoshoot, please inform them before the wedding on how important this is to you. The sun is not going to wait for anybody so please ask your ‘besties’ for some co-operation while there is still daylight!


The kiss… it sometimes does happen that the kiss lasts for only a split second. Think about the camera and kiss a little bit longer! We know you want to!


Save congratulations for the wedding reception - they waste daylight.


When it rains!


When it rains… relax and get a little wet. It actually makes for amazing wedding photos! Nonetheless, do have a back-up plan in place for when it really pours down.


Remember, not to be fooled by the amount of wedding photos your photographer offers. Rather have 500 stunning photos than 1000 average ones!


Last but not least, your wedding photographs in the right wedding album put the final seal on the memories of your special day. It is therefore very important that you choose an album that compliments your photographs and preserves them for years to come.


For more tips about wedding photography and to find out if Maya-Lee Photography can capture your big day too, call 078 444 3266 or 078 233 9892 or email or or find us on Facebook.