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Riki Hats: Beautiful hats and fascinators are gorgeous things for any occasion

Riki Hats: Beautiful hats and fascinators are gorgeous things for any occasion reviews_25_4201.jpg

There is nothing quite like a beautiful hat to lift your spirits. Imagine yourself, dressed to the nines and adding a lovely hat or headpiece. It transforms you from merely well-dressed to eye-catchingly sophisticated.


A hat is an expression of your personality. It shows that you are creative and dramatic, or romantic and feminine, or young and funky! It sets you apart from the rest in a stylish and beautiful way.


If you like dressing up and looking a little different, why not consider a fascinator? There are so many styles and colours, that you will never have to worry about being boring or looking like everybody else.


A hat or fascinator can be big and feathery or small and chic, with pearls and satin. It can be the same colour as your dress or add some contrast to liven up an outfit, maybe previously worn, to make a different impact.



For brides and bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, guests, matric farewells, baptisms and church, a custom-made headpiece gives a festive and unique twist to any occasion.


If the hat lover feels good, it will show in the way she carries herself – with confidence, because she feels beautiful and feminine and royal. A hat is the pinnacle of style and individuality. A hat is always noticed – as it should be. Why should we fade into the background, especially when the circumstances call for festivity, happiness and drama?


Be daring and start a fashion trend; wear hats and fascinators to every and all possible occasions like weddings, christenings, parties, matric farewells and at horse-races, even at ladies’ teas and pageants.



Be different. Wear a wide-brimmed hat with a ball-gown, or a little pillbox hat with a tailored suit, like Jackie Kennedy, or an over-the-top fascinator with a cocktail dress. There are no rules. Why should we be confined by someone else’s tastes and ideas? If you feel pretty, you will be pretty!


Bring colour and fun into your life. There isn’t a more joyous way of celebrating being a girl than wearing colourful flowers, feathers and beads on a hat or headpiece. Go for flashy or playful or wicked or abstract.


To have something made specifically made for you, call Riki Hats today on 021 567 5287 or 084 586 8811 or email You deserve it!