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Tips for first-time bridesmaids

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Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an incredible honour, and if its your first time taking on the task you are sure to have some questions about what a bridesmaids duty is and what you will have to do in the days leading up to the brides big day.

Here at Wedding & Function we have made a list of the top tips to ensure you can enjoy the journey by your friend’s side as she makes her way down the aisle.

Be Supportive

It goes without saying that the planning process for a wedding can be a stressful nightmare. And while you may be a first time bridesmaid you need to remember that in the end you are there for your friend. Be sure to give the bride a break when she seems stressed or demanding, offer her an ear to hear her complaints or worries and offer a helping hand when she needs it. And if you are not sure of your duties as a bridesmaid it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Have a Friendly Chat

Never be afraid to chat to the rest of the bridesmaids or anyone else in the wedding party. Do your best to make yourself approachable and as available as possible so that you all can work together to ensure the bride has less to stress about. Don’t be afraid to voice your ideas and opinions if you think they will help with the planning, remember that communication is very important for any member of the bridal party.

Save up – a lot!

For those not in the know, a lot of spending goes into planning a wedding, and being a bridesmaid can be a significant financial burden. But spending is usually part of the package, though if this is a concern for you, you can always talk to the bride about what costs you will need to cover, if not her then ask the maid of honour. The more prepared you are for the occasion the better off you will be. And if worse comes to worse and you can’t afford the responsibility there is no harm in turning the position down.

Be a shoulder to lean on

As a bridesmaid, the events leading up to the bride’s big day can become increasingly overwhelming, especially since you might already be busy. Though, you need to keep in mind that this is a very special occasion for the bride – your friend, who has placed her trust in you. So try to be as present as possible while sharing in her happiness. Nothing is more tragic than a bride who feels like a burden.

Have fun with it!

Perhaps the most important tip of all; you have to have fun! Let’s face it, the chances of being a bridesmaid don’t come up all that often, so soak in the good times as they come by. Drink that glass of champagne, have crazy fun at the bridal shower and get lost in the cheesy games, strut around in your bridesmaid dress. And remember that you have a friends that wouldn’t say ‘I do’ without you there!