Wedding & Function
Wedding & Function

Responsibilities: Mother & Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride Wedding Responsibilities

- Helps the bride in preparing her guest list.
- Purchases or rents his wedding attire that matches that of the groom and other male wedding attendants.
- Rides with the bride to the wedding ceremony.
- Escorts the bride down the aisle on the left arm.
- Stands to the left of the mother of the bride in the receiving line.
- Co-hosts the wedding reception.
- Dances the second dance with the bride at the wedding reception.
- Helps in gathering gifts after the reception.
- He is the last to leave the wedding reception.

Mother of the Bride Wedding Responsibilities

- Assists the bride in choosing her wedding gown, accessories and the colour and style of her attendants' gowns.
- Assists in preparing the bride’s guest list.
- Helps in recording all the gifts received.
- Chooses a dress that will complement the colour scheme of the wedding and inform the mother of the groom of the choice.
- Assists the bride in details of the wedding ceremony and reception (i.e. caterer, DJ, photographer, etc.).
- Arrives dressed before the bride and the bridal party.
- Brings the guest-book and unity candle to the wedding ceremony and then to the reception.
- Stands at the head of the receiving line.
- Serves as the official hostess at the wedding and reception.
- Collects the gifts after the wedding reception for the couple until after their honeymoon.