Wedding & Function
Wedding & Function

Old Wedding Traditions

The Ring

The giving and receiving of rings, has for centuries, symbolized the promise of a future together. The ring signifies the joining of two people, and the unending circle of love for one another…Read more


Flouncing was a cute tradition that is exactly what it sounds like. It is a special party to celebrate the engagement, and establish a formal contract of commitment to marry. It is similar to the nuptial contracts of today, as should one party change their mind …Read more


When families arranged marriages, they were trying their best to guarantee their offspring a pleasant and comfortable life. The bride was expected to bring a "dowry" of money, jewels, animals, …Read more

The Bridal Shower

Tradition says that the first bridal shower was given to a poor couple in Holland who was denied the bridal dowry because of the groom's lowly miller status. The miller's friends showered the bride with gifts to help them set up housekeeping.

The Wedding Veil

The bride's veil and bouquet is an older tradition than her white gown. Her veil, which was yellow in ancient Greece and red in ancient Rome, usually shrouded her from head to foot …Read more

The Bride's Handkerchief

Early farmers thought a bride's wedding day tears were lucky and brought rains for their crops. Later, a crying bride meant .. .Read more

The Attendants Dress

Who hasn't noticed that the maids, ushers, and entire bridal party dress very much like the bride and groom? It was once common for the bride …Read more

The Bridal Bouquet

For centuries, flowers have stood for a variety of emotions and values. Roses for love, lilies for virtue and so …Read more


Flowers can be a very expensive part of the décor. Here are some tips for keeping the costs down …Read more

Giving the Bride Away

In times when women were granted few privileges and even fewer personal rights, the bride was literally given away to the groom by the father, usually …Read more

The Ceremonial Kiss

The kiss that concludes the wedding ceremony is said to represent the couple sharing and joining their souls.

Throwing Rice or Confetti

The throwing of rice on the couple has always been symbolic of wishing prosperity and good luck. In the Orient, throwing rice means …Read more

The Traditional Wedding Dance

Traditionally, the bride and groom will be the first to dance as their special song is played slowly. As the music continues to play the father of the bride will …Read more

The Wedding Cake

Beginning in early Roman times, the cake has been a special part of the wedding celebration. A thin loaf was broken over the bride's head …Read more

The Groom's Cake

The groom's cake is a smaller cake that is served at the wedding reception. Traditionally single young …Read more

The Bouquet Toss

At the close of the reception the single women gather on the dance floor. The bride tosses her bouquet …Read more

The Garter Toss

In ancient Israel, brides wore a blue ribbon to signify "fidelity." The garter-throwing itself derives from a bawdy ritual …Read more

The Honeymoon

In ancient times, many of the first marriages were by capture, not choice. When early man felt it was time to take a bride …Read more

Carrying the Bride Across the Threshold

During the days of "Marriage by Capture," the bride was certainly not going to go peacefully into the bridegroom's abode ...Read more