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Laser Lipo Body Sculpturing Specialists

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A HEALTHIER, slimmer you! Give yourself the gift of health, wellness, vitality and a whole new body! Let our non-invasive Laser I-Lipo ULTRA machine melt away the cm's with no pain, scaring or down time, working in harmony with your body's natural metabolic processes. See visible results after every treatment on just about every part of your body, from your ankles to your chin! Non-invasive laser liposuction has taken the cosmetic industry by storm. Fat reduction, body Contouring, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, collagen growth, skin cell renewal, improved circulation - sculpt your body session by session and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle well into the future to assist you to maintain your new shape. We believe that 'the secret to being slim is being healthy' and with that in mind we now offer the newest technology in weight loss and maintenance INDIVIDUALLY FORMULATED for YOU. In addition to external body sculpting and fat reduction with I Lipo ULTRA, the DNA Diet we offer is a groundbreaking approach and insight into YOUR genetic health and optimal weight and takes a more scientific approach to weight loss and nutrition. Our emphasis is on the relationship between genes, diet and lifestyle in determining health and wellness. From a cheek swab DNA Diet tests 7 genes that govern weight loss and weight maintenance and provide recommendations to achieve: optimal weight loss and weight management; optimal dietary modification: optimal lifestyle improvements such as the type and amount of excerise required. Now is the time to make the changes you have always dreamed of.