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How to choose a wedding cake




How to choose your wedding cake


Choosing your wedding cake can be one of the best parts of planning your wedding, although it can still be a difficult decision to make.  It is one of the most important parts of the wedding and there are many aspects to consider when choosing your wedding cake. The design, flavour, size and then the amount of money you are willing to spend.


There are so many choices out there for wedding cakes. The Colour, flowers, piping, ribbons and decorations, the list is endless. However when choosing the design of your unique wedding cake, it is all up to your likes and dislikes.


It would be better to start choosing your cake after you have picked your wedding theme, the venue and your dress. You want to have the cake be well-suited with your wedding dress, your wedding theme or your wedding colours.


The design


When choosing the design of your wedding cake, it is all up to your likes and dislikes. Look through magazines and on the internet. Collect pictures of what you want your unique wedding cake to look like.  You also need to make sure to order your cake in time for the wedding. Some bakeries might have to special order or make decorations from scratch and this will all take time to do.


The flavour


Go to the bakery you want to use to make your wedding cake and ask them for a taste test. Every person is different, so you have to make sure the flavours you choose are to your liking.  A cupcake tower has become a trend these days; it is quick, easy and convenient; and you can even get them in different flavours. But not everyone wants to stray from tradition.


The size


Choosing the size of your cake all depends on how many guests you plan on serving the cake to. Do you really want an oversized cake for a small amount of guests?



Budget limit


Look at your budget and go and speak to your cake maker. Tell them exactly what you want and they can make the cake to your budget. You can also use cheaper yet still beautiful and classic decorations on the cakes such as fresh fruits and flowers, which will save you money but, it can still be striking and elegant.


Do research on wedding cakes, bakeries and wedding cake designs. Look around to find a cake maker that will work with your budget. Doing research is very important when making decisions like these. There are many different ideas available out there, from different cake shapes and sizes, different designs and colours. You have to look at all the available options.