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How to choose wedding flowers


Wedding flowers can be seen as the one of the focal points at a wedding. It will brighten up the reception and create a peaceful and beautiful ambience. It will bring color and personality to your wedding, transforming the entire room and the tables, will accent your wedding dress and even your wedding cake. One of the things that make a wedding day special is the details and the flowers are one of the biggest details that are important.


With so many types of flowers out there it is difficult to know where to start. However you can choose your wedding flowers from your personal taste and of course make sure that they will go with your color scheme and wedding theme. It is also very important to find out whether the flowers that you want to use in your wedding are available and are in season.


You don’t have to choose your wedding flowers only based on their looks, some flowers like lilies have a very strong and beautiful fragrance that could make the wedding ceremony and reception look and smell amazing. They should be flowers that you love and that bring out your personality. You can also choose wedding flowers that have special meanings, like a white rose symbolizes purity and young love and peonies signify good fortune and a happy marriage which is perfect for a wedding.


The options out there are endless. Think of where your flowers will play a role in your wedding. Center pieces, bouquets, flowers for the church and so on.


Flowers are an important aspect that creates beauty and ambience in the ceremony as well as at the reception. It brings color and life into the wonderful experience that you and your guests will go through. There is no right or wrong choices when it comes to picking the flowers for your wedding day.


Seasonal Wedding flowers

Not all wedding flowers are available during certain times of the year. Some will only bloom in winter and some might only bloom in summer. Wedding roses can be seen as popular wedding flowers and are available all year round at a reasonable price. One of the great things about wedding roses is that they come in a variety of colors so you can use them to match your wedding ceremony venue as well as the reception.


In South Africa it is very popular to use live succulents in the bridal bouquet and the wedding reception centerpieces. These flowers are also available all year round. After the wedding you can always replant the succulents and they will continue to grow, to always be a reminder of your special day. There are all kinds of flowers to choose from and there are many wedding flower designs out there. First you have to decide when your wedding will take place and then choose the types of flowers you want for your wedding.


Winter wedding flowers

There are many brides who worry that there will not be any beautiful flowers for their wedding in winter. But don’t! There are many flower options out there during the season of winter with striking colors to make your wedding look gorgeous. Amaryllis flowers are a great example with their bright red, pink and orange colors.


Just to name a few flowers that are available during winter, there are however many more;

  • Asiatic Lily
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Roses
  • Gladiolus

Spring wedding flowers

Spring is a time for new life and new blooms. Spring wedding flowers have a wide variety of flowers to choose from. There are many different colors available to suit your wedding needs.

Here is a small list to give you an idea,

  • Daffodil
  • Tulip
  • Bluebell
  • Jasmine
  • Forget-me-not


Fall wedding flowers

With the changing color of the leaves and the beautiful flowers that have just come into bloom, your wedding flowers will be to your taste, style and of course creativity. There are many options available for the fall wedding, with many different colors to accommodate your theme and color scheme.

Here are a few examples,

·         Tulip

·         Iris

·         Dahlia

·         Marigold

·         Camellia


Wedding flowers that are available all year round

There are many flowers that are available all year round which can be convenient when planning a wedding. Especially when being able to get certain flowers that you love and that you want to have for your wedding day.


Here are some examples;

  • Phalaenopsis orchid
  •  Rose
  • Carnation
  •  Freesia
  • Singapore orchid
  • Lily
  • Succulents
  • Carnation


Flowers as hair accessories

Flowers are beautiful on their own, however when adding them to a bride’s hairdo for her wedding they become even more gorgeous and so will she. Having flowers as a hair accessory is a trend these days and it is a beautiful and elegant style that adds a little color to the bride’s dress.


Whatever style you choose, flowers can always be incorporated into it. Long hair, short hair, up styles and loose hair styles, you name it, adding a flower or two can create beauty and grace. Floral crowns are also a trend these days and are great if you are not a veil kind of bride. Wedding flowers in your hair add a romantic finish to the outfit.


The bridal bouquet

You should choose your wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dresses before choosing flowers for your wedding, as the flowers should go with your dress as well as theirs. It will not look good if you have a bright orange and yellow bouquet and your bridesmaids are wearing a blue and purple mix dress. Make the choice of your beautiful bouquet personal. This is the only time that you will be able to hold a bunch of flowers that were specifically designed for you.


The bridesmaid’s bouquet

The bridesmaid’s bouquet can be a smaller version of your bouquet, or it can be changed slightly so that it won’t look exactly the same as yours. 


The groom’s boutonniere

It is small however it is important as it adds a little color to the tux which will go with the rest of the wedding theme and color scheme. Make the small bouquet simple for the groom and his groomsmen.


The corsages

Both the mother of the bride as well as the mother of the groom will wear a corsage on their arm. Find out what color dress both of them will be wearing and match the flower corsages with the dresses.


Flower wedding cakes

Flower wedding cakes are beautiful and add elegance. You should not add too many flowers though; you do not want to have the wedding cake overdone. The flowers on the cake will have to match your theme and color choices as well so that the cake will suit your wedding. There are many ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding cake design. No matter what color cake you have there will always be flowers to make it more beautiful. Flowers can also be a cheaper alternative to technical piping work and it will take your baker less time to make the cake.


Flowers are beautiful elements that add to your special day; why not include them in your cake as well?  However, do not use flowers on your cake that are poisonous! Some of these flowers can even be deadly when ingested. Here are some tips; choose blooms that can safely be used around food. Use hidden plastic picks to hold the blooms; never insert floral stems into the cake.


Wedding centerpieces

The centerpieces at your wedding are what make the reception hall look beautiful. It brings color, elegance and even fun to the whole ambiance. The flowers you choose here need to match your theme and the colors that you have chosen. This is your decision to make and you should talk to your florist to make sure he or she knows exactly what you want your centerpieces and church flower arrangements to look like.


There are many centerpiece ideas around. You can even do DIY wedding centerpieces; you can incorporate candles, beads and even fruit. Of course there is a whole lot more that you can add.


Average cost of wedding flowers

A wedding can be quite costly, depending on the size of the reception and the amount of guests attending. For the wedding flowers it usually costs about 7% of the whole wedding budget. The flowers can more or less cost about R4900.00. This will be for the flowers for the church, the reception, the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquet. This also includes all the little things in between, like the groom’s boutonniere and the corsages.


Look online and in bridal magazines to get some ideas for your wedding flowers. Research flowers that are in season and find the ones that you are able to use. You could even find flowers that you did not know even existed! Work with your theme and the colors that you have chosen for your wedding day. You have to remember to make sure that your budget will afford your choice in flowers.