Wedding & Function
Wedding & Function

Etiquette: Wedding Guests

What is the correct way to address a wedding gift cheque?

It does not matter. Unless you know the couple has a joint bank account, pay to the order of either the bride or the groom - NOT BOTH, and ensure the cheque is easier to cash.

How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

There is no minimum or maximum. When shopping for a wedding gift, just consider your personal budget and your relationship with the couple. Buy what you can afford or what you feel suits the couple. Don’t be afraid to diverge from the wedding registry if you need to.

Is it okay to use mobile devices to upload pictures during the wedding?

When in doubt, ask the for couple’s permission before posting photos to any social media outlet - especially during the ceremony. Uploading photos not only distracts you from the wedding ceremony, but it also broadcasts details of the event to people who may not have been invited.

As a guest what can I do to help the couple with their planning?

Planning a wedding can become stressful and as an invited guest you can do the following few things to help smooth out the process….
- R.S.V.P.on time
- If you have any special dietary requirements let the bride and groom know earl
- Don’t add your own plus-one
- Don't assume kids are welcome