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Cute ideas to try for your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Up the cuteness scale for your little helpers with these awesome ideas...

  1. Floral headpieces

Adding flower crowns to your flower girls’ look will really let your guests know what part she plays in your wedding, plus what little girl doesn’t like looking like a little fairy.

  1. Preppy charm

Sometimes the formal look for ring bearers can be a little boring, try a different look like a charming farmhouse fete, the boys dressed in purple gingham button-down shirts, suspenders, and newsboy caps. Not only is it a super cute look, but it also adds an original theme to your wedding.

  1. Don’t narrow it down to just flowers

There is no need to keep it to just flowers when it comes to what your flower girl carries down the aisle. You can give them an array of different things, such as an oversized marigold-hued balloon, or you could have her lead the way with a sign of love down the aisle. The list is only limited by your imagination.

  1. Take the theme into account

Take a cue from the venue and the mood to dress your little guys, if your wedding vibe is laid-back and casual, choose tanks, tutus, and flip-flops shoes for the girls. For traditional weddings you can try honouring and incorporating customs into your wedding as a meaningful way to celebrate, and dress your flower girl and ring bearer in traditional attire.

  1. Include man’s best friend in the celebration

If you have a beloved four-legged friend that you wish to be a part of your special day, try having them walk down the aisle beside your flower girl or ring bearer and make them part of your ceremony. Not only is this totally adorable, but it might help to calm the nerves of your ring bearer and flower girl.