Wedding & Function
Wedding & Function

Planning your wedding menu

Step 1 -  Let your menu reflect you:

List favourite foods, or your bring your nationality into your menu so that it’s a reflection of you as a couple.

Step 2 - Dietary requirements:

Any food allergies or religious dietary requirements. These foods need to be completely eliminated.

Step 3 - After the ceremony bites:

Canapes: If only canapes, choose 3-5 items.
Self service station: eg. Harvest Table
Is your wedding cake been served after the ceremony or as dessert?

Step 4 - Starters:

If canapes are served as part of starters, choose 6-8 items.
Else, hot or cold starter. Plated or set on tables.

Step 5 - Mains:

Decide if you want a plated, buffet or cocktail menu.
Buffet options are not necessarily your most cost effective options. Caterers need to increase the quantities used here.
Plated options can be more cost effective as the caterer is in complete control of the portioning.
Do you provide a choice of main. Eg. If all beef, not everyone eats red meat. You will need a white meat or vegetarian option.
Keep the kitchen facilities of your venue in mind when decided on the above. Plated options require ample plating space.

Step 6 - Desserts:

Are you using your cake for dessert?
Dessert tables work well as they give your guests options.
Plated options can also be more cost effective, especially baked options.