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Wedding & Function

Ideas that will get your guests giggling

Keep your guests entertained and giggling with some of these wedding game ideas...

1 - The Shoe Game

The bride and groom must sit back to back so that they can't see each other and each must hold one of their own shoes and one of their partners.
The MC will ask a series of questions where the answers will be either the bride or the groom.
The bride and groom will each answer by holding up the shoe of that reflects the correct answer.

Some examples of questions that can be asked...

  1. Who made the first move?
  2. Who was first to say ‘I love you’?
  3. Who is the first to say sorry?
  4. Who is the better driver?
  5. Who can keep a secret better?
  6. Who is more likely to give the other food poisoning?
  7. Who’ll be in control of the TV remote?
  8. Who is more likely to deal with spiders?
  9. Who is always right?
  10. Who dances better?

2 - Garter Giggles... For the couple with a sense of humor

You can have the best man roll up his trousers and stand on a chair when it is time to do the garter toss. Drape a table cloth around his waist and get the blindfolded groom to search for the garter.

Another great laugh is for the groom to pull funny items out from under the brides dress and tossing them into the crowd before finally getting to the garter... These items can be stashed under the chair that the bride sits on.

3 - Wedding Speach Bingo

Make wedding speaches fun with an exciting game of Bingo! Have card printed with sayings or words that are likely to come up in the speeches and distribute them to the guests. 

4 - Wedding I spy

Have a list of photo opportunities that each guest should seek out during the reception and let them snap away. This is also a great way to ensure you get loads of photos of your day from different perspectives. 

5 - Bouquet Toss Prank

For the lighthearted bride, tie an elastic to the bouquet you are going to toss and pull it back after throwing it so that the single ladies can’t catch it. 
Or another fun idea is to throw a rubber toy instead of the actual bouquet.