Wedding & Function
Wedding & Function

10 Great Tips: Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping can be stressful, keep it smooth by following these 10 tips...

01. Have Fun! 

02. Bring along your best friend and/or mom.

03. Have a flexible dress budget (within reason and besides your guests won't know you cut the desert budget;)

04. Have a style in mind and bring pics.

05. Be open minded, models always look amazing in any dress it might not be what you expected. OH AND TRY ON THE BALLGOWN! 

06. It is perfectly ok to; a) fall for the first one, and b) not to cry, 95% of girls... do not cry (i can not say the same about mothers....:) 

07. Trust your consultant, they do this for a living and might just put you in a dress that you never thought would be só perfect for you.

08. Trying on too many dresses (and may i add, having too many opinions) ... WILL confuse you - refrain at all cost! 

09. Don't sell yourself short! YOU are worth it! Leave a legacy! 

10. Say YES! and stop shopping.