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Wedding & Function

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are a popular alternative to the traditional church wedding ceremony. And with South Africa’s mild-climate are a practical alternative to stuffy indoor venues. Here are some hints when deciding on a beach wedding.

Consult the National Weather Bureau for information about regional weather patterns.

Pay attention to the time of day you would like to have the wedding ceremony - in many areas, it can become too hot to be outdoors from noon to around 3 p.m. Rather consider your wedding reception to be from late afternoon to sunset.

Watch out for the morning and noon sun, as it can often be too bright to take good photographs.

Enquire if a permit is necessary to have a wedding ceremony on a public beach - contact the Municipality to be certain.

Many brides envision taking over a big stretch of beach and setting up tables and chairs. Rather try and have the wedding reception at a nearby hotel or restaurant. You may not be allowed to have a reception on a public beach or Mother Nature may intervene by sending a lovely thunderstorm your way.

Inform wedding guests of your intention to wed on the beachfront so that they can dress appropriately and exchange their ‘Sunday Best’ for hats and sunglasses.

Watch out for delicate flowers that wilt in the heat - seek advice from your florist on more resilient varieties.